August 2, 2016

4 Hacks for a Fitter Week

Summer is just around the corner, and you're thinking of ways to get your body in top shape for all of the adventures on which you are about to embark. Luckily, a few small hacks can help you meet your goals and live a little healthier this week.

Lunch Break Adventures
Take a walk around the block. Do lunges while you wait for your lunch to heat up. Squat ten times after using the bathroom. The possibilities to keep moving are nearly endless. No need to have access to a fancy gym or bring along extra clothes to change into. An easy stroll around the neighborhood is enough to raise your heart rate without working up a sweat.


Clean Your Apartment
Housework is a great calorie burner that can also make you stronger. Between transporting the necessary supplies and all of the scrubbing, cleaning will leave you with more than a spotless house. An average person burns about 3 calories a minute for light, easy cleaning. That's a total of 60 calories for every 20 minutes spent tidying up!

Switch Up Your Commute
Trade your car or public transit pass for a bike or your own two feet. Not only are these options a great way to get moving, but they’re also eco friendly. If you live too far away to reasonably commute via these alternative methods, try parking farther away or get off a stop or two early.

If you have ever volunteered for an organization such as Habitat for Humanity, you know that volunteering can be a serious workout. What’s more, volunteering can help you connect with others, combat depression, and increase self-confidence. You don’t need to be able to build a house to get the most out of your time, even volunteering for a race as a course leader or a social media volunteer can start your day off on the right foot as you will be doing plenty of walking.


What are some of the ways you stay active during the week? Share your ideas in the comments below and inspire others to lead a healthier life.

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July 21, 2016

Running Update + The Glo Run Recap

It’s true. I haven’t consistently run in months. Running is just one of those things that I have such a difficult time motivating myself to do. So, in an attempt to do better, I signed up for a few races spanning from this summer through the fall. My game plan is simple: run for a set amount of time rather than distance. (You can read more about this strategy here:

Well, I am about a month in and things have been going fairly well. I’ve been running 2-3 times a week for the past month and averaging 3-4 miles each run. It has still been a challenge to start, but once I do, there’s no stopping me... At least for 30 to 45 minutes.

The Glo Run Race Recap

The second race I participated in this summer was the 80s themed Glo Run, which took place at Soldier Field on July 16. All Community Events, the company that hosts this event, was nice enough to comp my entry.

I can honestly say this is one of the better races in which I have participated. Why? We actually started running on time. If you have ever took part in a race, you know this rarely happens.

Before the event, information regarding packet pick-up was very well communicated. Though I was unable to grab my stuff at packet pick-up which was held at the Fleet Feet in Old Town, getting my stuff before the race was a breeze. The stations to pick up your items were well marked, and the lines moved quickly.

The swag included multiple glow sticks, neon yellow race shirts and a small flashlight for the runners. There was also an option to purchase other light-up accessories so you could be seen from space. To further prepare us for a late night race, there was a paint station which volunteers would apply glow paint to participants for increased visibility.

Once runners completed the race, Lagunitas beer awaited those of us who are 21+. There was only one station, which wasn't the most efficient, but hey, free beer. We had the option to grab a wristband before the race to expedite the process which made this run a little smoother.

Of course, a party isn't truly a party if it lacks an after party. Participants gathered around the DJ for a post-race dance party. 


Summary: The Glo Run Recap

  • Well organized from start to finish
  • Swag on point for night race
  • Flashlights offered to runners added element of safety
  • Beer wristbands could be obtained pre-race to make post-race pick-up more efficient
  • Fun run vibes = non-intimidating race
  • Post Race Dance Party!
  • Only one water station on the course
  • Decorations didn't live up to my expectations
  • Race site was located a ways from public transit, especially for a late-night run
*This post is sponsored by All Community Events which provided me with a complimentary race entry in exchange for this blog post. All thoughts and opinions contained within this post are my own. 

June 21, 2016

Getting Back into Running for The Glo Run

Guys, I did it again. I signed up for another race. On the bright side, it is only a 5k and doesn't start until 8:55pm. Nothing makes a night runner happier than not having to rise before the sun and run a distance their body is accustomed to running so early in the morning. 

I'll be honest, save for the monthly City Fit Girl runs, I haven't consistently run for months. I know it's good for me, but I can never seem to muster the desire to get out there and do it without my girl gang. So when registration came around, I knew this would be a fun way to motivate myself to lace up my Nikes and get going. 

So how am I preparing? My plan is to run three times a week based upon time and not distance. Hopefully, this will make training more enjoyable. I will report back to soon to share whether or not this is actually the case.

Want to run the 5k with me? Sign up for the Glo Run on July 17, 2016 here. Get ready to experience 6 zones full of 80s fun. Hope to see you soon! 

*This post is sponsored by All Community Events which provided me with a complimentary race entry in exchange for this blog post. All thoughts and opinions contained within this post are my own. 

May 12, 2016

Three Things Thursday #2

1. Fitbit Blaze*

I am happy to report I have a way to track my runs without always having to check my phone. Through Humana Vitality, I was able to earn a free Fitbit Blaze*. This device tracks my steps, heart rate, stairs climbed and other activities throughout the day. It has great features preprogramed including three short workouts that give you both a demonstration of the move and the time to complete it before moving on. It also has the availability to notify the user of any calls or texts received. Though it does not have GPS on its own, it can pair with the GPS on a phone giving accurate distances traveled. 

2. Stan's Donuts

Give me donuts, or give me death. Since starting work as a freelancer, I've had so much more time to spend grabbing donuts and other goodies. Luckily, Stan's is a 20 minute walk from my apartment so I at least make myself work for it. Currently, my go-to ring of deliciousness is Stan's Boston Cream donut. What's yours? 

3. Pilates at FFC Halsted

Happy Pilates Month! To celebrate, Fitness Formula Clubs ("FFC") is hosting a month-long Pilates party in which participants can win prizes just for completing workouts in the Pilates department. Classes can use foam rollers, reformers, circles, resistance bands and more to make sure you're getting the most effective session possible. Since May 1st, I have completed 10 classes and received a tank top, 25% off a FFC spa service and a complimentary group apparatus session. I love earning things just from working out! With a few more sessions, I will be eligible for a free 30 minute private Pilates session and a raffle ticket to win the mysterious grand prize.

Have you tried Pilates? What's your favorite piece of equipment? 

*This post uses affiliate links. What's that, you ask? Basically, I earn a commission if people buy an item through my site. Any earnings are recycled back into the blog to improve user experience, professional development and hopefully giveaways. 

May 10, 2016

Double the Run, Double the Fun


Get pumped!  City Fit Girls is back with not one, but two runs this May! 

Join us this Saturday, May 14th AND May 21st for a 3 mile fun run in Lincoln Park! Meet Jessica, aka yours truly, at Diversey Parkway & N Lakeview Avenue near the Goethe Monument 9AM CST. 

RSVP: City Fit Girls Group Run - Chicago


Our all-levels group runs are designed for women of all paces. What does that mean for you? It means that no runner is “too slow” or “not fast enough” to join the group. Seriously. 

When we say supportive, we mean it. Our community of women inspires, uplifts, encourages and motivates each other to be better runners.  Whether this is your first run or 500th run, you can run with us.