4 Healthy Hacks for a Fitter Week

10:35 PM


With each new year come new resolutions, and you're thinking of ways to get your body in top shape for all of the adventures on which you are about to embark. Luckily, a few small hacks can help you meet your goals and live a little healthier this week.

Lunch Break Adventures
Take a walk around the block. Do lunges while you wait for your lunch to heat up. Squat ten times after using the bathroom. The possibilities to keep moving are nearly endless. No need to have access to a fancy gym or bring along extra clothes to change into. An easy stroll around the neighborhood is enough to raise your heart rate without working up a sweat.


Clean Your Apartment
Housework is a great calorie burner that can also make you stronger. Between transporting the necessary supplies and all of the scrubbing, cleaning will leave you with more than a spotless house. An average person burns about 3 calories a minute for light, easy cleaning. That's a total of 60 calories for every 20 minutes spent tidying up!

Switch Up Your Commute
Trade your car or public transit pass for a bike or your own two feet. Not only are these options a great way to get moving, but they’re also eco friendly. If you live too far away to reasonably commute via these alternative methods, try parking farther away or get off a stop or two early.

If you have ever volunteered for an organization such as Habitat for Humanity, you know that volunteering can be a serious workout. What’s more, volunteering can help you connect with others, combat depression, and increase self-confidence. You don’t need to be able to build a house to get the most out of your time, even volunteering for a race as a course leader or a social media volunteer can start your day off on the right foot as you will be doing plenty of walking.


What are some of the ways you stay active during the week? Share your ideas in the comments below and inspire others to lead a healthier life.

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