23 Things That Happened During My 23rd Year of Life

12:30 AM

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know about you, but I'm no longer feeling 22, okay, 23. 

In celebration, I am looking back at the moments that shaped me most during my 23rd year of life.  The ups, the downs, the straight up weird... I'm not holding anything back.  Are you buckled in? It's going to be an interesting ride. 

  1. I quit my first, soul-sucking job out of college to freelance full time. 
  2. Then, in a twist of events, I accepted an opportunity to work at a fantastic advertising agency here in Chicago...
  3. ...But I still spent about 15 hours a week on my side hustles.  #Boss
  4. Not only did I become a #Boss, but I became a better, more confident leader as well. Thank you, difficult clients. You've helped me grow tremendously! 
  5. I accidentally ran a half marathon... in March... after a huge snow storm. 
  6. Train that Brain grew, and grew, and grew. Thanks everyone!!! 
  7. I joined an amazing blogger collective that allowed me to meet so many wonderful people and experience some outstanding events. Shout out to Windy City Blogger Collective
  8. It took 23 years, but I can officially say I've now kissed two people. For those of you who know me well, this is pretty shocking. Man, it's weird how characters develop. 
  9. I SAW SIA! Best concert of my life!
  10. Remember that time I went to New Jersey entirely on accident? Me too. In hindsight, that was a really, really long bridge. 
  11. I took waaaaayyyy to many selfies with Snapchat's dog filter. Judge me. 
  12. Guess who went on her first flight in 5 years. This gal! I traveled to Philly in August for the City Fit Girls Fitness Retreat. Then, I flew to Minneapolis for my cousin's wedding. Though sadly, neither of the adventures were a true vacation, I am hoping I can try again for one of those soon.
  13. I walked away from not-so-great friendships. While it was a difficult decision, I still feel letting go was the best option. 
  14. When I tried to make new friends, well, it didn't go so well. At least I got to meet a super sweet husky? (Kidnapping of said husky is in the pre-production stage. 😎 )
  15. No more roommates for me! I finally made the leap and moved into a studio apartment by myself. I have to say, I really enjoy being on my own. I spend so much time with people that it's nice to come home for some time alone. 
  16. I learned the basics of cooking with the help of approximately 8,638,732,094 meal kits and a two week break from work. 
  17. My coworker and I decided if we somehow survive the zombie apocalypse, we're saving the cute barista at Starbucks. 
  18. I ate a donut while trying to write this post. Coming up with 23 things was a lot harder than expected. 
  19. Somehow, I managed to accept a position that landed me on the same team as my ex's new girlfriend, unknown to me at the time. I am happy to report that not only do we get along, but we've also became good friends over the past few months. Weird situation, amazing result.
  20. I became the proud owner of a herb garden that is still alive and kicking. #SoProud
  21. While home for the holidays, I helped rescue a kitten while hiking at a state park. I am happy to report Bear, the kitten, has made a full recovery and is so effing adorable. 
  22. A 19" tv for my apartment helped me to finally join the 21st century, but...
  23. ...I still didn't watch Star Wars. 

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