If You Grew Up Dancing, You Know These To Be True

3:30 PM

I went to a small school where most of my classmates were enrolled in some extracurricular activity or another. After school, everyone else I knew hit the football field or the basketball court, depending on the season. I, on the other hand, changed into my stretchy pants and tank top, tucked my hair into the best bun possibly for my hair, and went off to plié, leap, and curtsy my little heart out at my local dance academy. I took every style of dance available at the studio, including tap, jazz and ballet. 
While I like to think that my dance experience was unique, the truth is that if you grew up dancing, there are certain things that will always stay with you. Whether it’s costume struggles or the exhaustion that comes with recital week, or the sheer joy that was being able to get your hair done real nice, there are lots of scenarios everyone who grew up dancing will recognize.
1. When You Hear A New Song, You Start To Choreograph It In Your Head
Whether you’re walking down the street listening to music or in your car with the radio on, when you hear a song that would have been perfect to choreograph a dance to, you can’t help but do all the moves in your head. Or, if you have no shame like me, you start moving your arms, legs and head right there wherever you are when the song comes on. Not sure what I mean? Listen to “Unsteady” by X Ambassadors right now, and tell me that you don’t hear that canon of arabesque leaps.
2. Finding Out What Costume You’d Be Wearing At Your Recital Was As Good As Christmas Morning
Hello velvet jazz pants! On the day of the big reveal, my studio did little dancing because the class was too excited about the costume. Of course, this would lead to us to compare our costumes with the ones the older girls got to wear, and complaints about why our costumes didn’t come with a red sequin choker or crop top. The grass was always greener.
3. Picture Day Was A Serious Ordeal...
Not only did you need to get your hair into the perfect bun sans flyaways and figure out how to utilize your mom’s makeup stash without looking like a clown, you also had to nail down what pose you’d be doing for your picture. Of course, the photographer would always suggest a cheesy, hand on hip pose when taking our photos. But I always tried to get inventive and come up with something that would make us stand out.
4.... But Not As Intense As Recital Day
Or, if you were enrolled in every dance class you possibly could be signed up for, it was an entire recital week, consisting of quick costume changes, lots of nerves and a ton of gear. Speaking of…
5. Glitter Was An Absolute Recital Must
Whether it was the spray on kind you put in your hair that got everywhere, or one of those sweet scented glitter rollers from Bath & Body Works, no recital was complete unless your entire body was shining bright like a diamond.
6. You Never Had Enough Bobby Pins
Or hair ties. Or hair spray. You needed to keep that bun in place while you were out there killing it on stage, so you used everything you could think of to make it stay.
7. You Went Commando
Because panty lines in those costumes were far too easy to come by.

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