How Running Can Change Perspective

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Written by Bethany Widdicombe at Running Stats

As you pump your feet against the ground, you can find better clarity, relieve your stress, and learn faster. Countless studies are showing the benefit of exercise and how it can greatly impact how you think.

Run Better, Think Better

In several studies, exercise has been shown to improve your thinking skills. Which means running positively shifts your ability to problem solve, plan, and organize. Running increases your attention span by helping you focus on one thing for longer periods of time. The better you can focus, the better you can navigate through life’s problems and stick to your goals.

Exercise also improves your ability to learn and retain new information. Whether you are in school or are simply walking through a museum, exercising after learning greatly improves your long-term memory. Better memory will help you remember all those running shoes reviews you read, which will guide you to better purchasing for the sport you love.

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Thinking better helps you clarify and manage your emotions in life. It can give you clearer perspective beyond just the heat of the moment. So instead of just buying the best running shoes for women as a coping strategy, you will be able manage how you react to things better.

Run, Shift, Change

In a stressful world that has demands and responsibilities, it can be hard to manage your stress and emotions. Luckily, running has the power to alleviate stress by giving your body something to focus on. Your body releases endorphins that boost your mood and overall happiness. The more you are dedicated to your running routine, the more you may experience a joyful life beyond stress.

Running can even help you be more productive at work. Employees who exercise have better sense of time management, improved moods, and have better patience with coworkers.

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Beyond your achievements at work, running helps you feel more confident in your ability to accomplish your goals. As you achieve your aspirations, you will feel more satisfied with life. Running also helps you recognize the achievement in small goals every day. As you train to increase your fitness or have your eye on how many miles is 5k, you will boost your self-esteem as you accomplish every little milestone of running.

Running Gives Perspective

When you increase your fitness level, you can expand your horizons for greater perspective. Even changing up your usual route can help you see new things in your surroundings and discover new understanding within yourself.

Next time you head out for a run, know that you are increasing your brainpower. Figure out life a little better by challenging yourself to see in new ways. Whether it is just changing up your normal routine or simply adding a new workout to your training program, running can help you conquer any life struggle with just a change in perspective.


Bethany Widdicombe is a runner at heart, a researcher by nature, and a writer by passion. Having traveled across the world, she continues to be an advocate for awareness and knowledge that empowers people to a better life. You can now find her running out on the trail, or nestled away writing her next article for Running Stats.

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