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Studio reviews are back, baby!  After a long time away from the boutique fitness scene, I had the opportunity to visit Amplified Pilates through a vendor at work.  (Shout out to Susan!)  Naturally, I wanted to share my experience with all of you. Stay tuned for more reviews in the coming weeks!

Source: Amplified Pilates
Class: Amplified Equipment Class

Instructor: Kiley

Rating:  9/10


Location: 309 W. Chicago Ave. # 2, Chicago IL 60654

Class Description:  Amplified Equipment Class is a blend of both classical and contemporary Pilates made to give you the best of both worlds! With a max of 5 clients per class, you are sure receive some personal attention. You will flex, stretch, pulse and sweat for a full body workout that will leave you feeling stronger and taller. Our Classes may vary between Reformers, Jumpboards, Towers and/or small props. All levels welcome.

Somewhere in the past few months, I must have forgotten how much I liked Pilates.  This is especially true for Pilates classes which use equipment such as reformers and exo chairs. Amplified was no different with its mix of contemporary and classic Pilates exercises.

The studio is located on the second floor and is clean, urban and sunny. The reformers used for class are newer models that add a touch of sophistication to the space. The entry way was a little awkward while waiting for the class ahead of us to end, but it was by no means terrible.

This 60 minute class works the entire body through a combination of strength and repetitive motions . The exercises and positions are constantly changing offering both relief and anticipation. Not to mention, the reformers are simply fun to workout on.

The moves seem easy at first but as you continue to push through, they become more and more challenging. I enjoyed the fast - but not too fast - pace of the class which solidified this as a challenging workout. My shoulders and groin were definitely sore the next day, which is something I rarely experience. 

Each group class is limited to 5 people which allows the instructor to focus on the class's form and provide modifications for all who need them.

Kiley was amazing! She was friendly, energetic and extremely attentive. I felt really comfortable trying all of these new moves because she was constantly watching to make sure everyone was using proper form. She even excelled in modifying movements and exercises fora very pregnant participant. Go, Kiley, go!

Extras: They offer both group and private sessions. Classes are limited to 5 participants so make sure to sign up in advance. No sneakers are needed, but you are required to wear socks with grips on the bottom which they sell in studio. 

Have you ever taken a class at Amplified Pilates? Let me know what you thought in the comments!

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