Getting Back into Running for The Glo Run

9:56 PM

Guys, I did it again. I signed up for another race. On the bright side, it is only a 5k and doesn't start until 8:55pm. Nothing makes a night runner happier than not having to rise before the sun and run a distance their body is accustomed to running so early in the morning. 

I'll be honest, save for the monthly City Fit Girl runs, I haven't consistently run for months. I know it's good for me, but I can never seem to muster the desire to get out there and do it without my girl gang. So when registration came around, I knew this would be a fun way to motivate myself to lace up my Nikes and get going. 

So how am I preparing? My plan is to run three times a week based upon time and not distance. Hopefully, this will make training more enjoyable. I will report back to soon to share whether or not this is actually the case.

Want to run the 5k with me? Sign up for the Glo Run on July 17, 2016 here. Get ready to experience 6 zones full of 80s fun. Hope to see you soon! 

*This post is sponsored by All Community Events which provided me with a complimentary race entry in exchange for this blog post. All thoughts and opinions contained within this post are my own. 

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