Three Things Thursday #2

4:30 PM

1. Fitbit Blaze*

I am happy to report I have a way to track my runs without always having to check my phone. Through Humana Vitality, I was able to earn a free Fitbit Blaze*. This device tracks my steps, heart rate, stairs climbed and other activities throughout the day. It has great features preprogramed including three short workouts that give you both a demonstration of the move and the time to complete it before moving on. It also has the availability to notify the user of any calls or texts received. Though it does not have GPS on its own, it can pair with the GPS on a phone giving accurate distances traveled. 

2. Stan's Donuts

Give me donuts, or give me death. Since starting work as a freelancer, I've had so much more time to spend grabbing donuts and other goodies. Luckily, Stan's is a 20 minute walk from my apartment so I at least make myself work for it. Currently, my go-to ring of deliciousness is Stan's Boston Cream donut. What's yours? 

3. Pilates at FFC Halsted

Happy Pilates Month! To celebrate, Fitness Formula Clubs ("FFC") is hosting a month-long Pilates party in which participants can win prizes just for completing workouts in the Pilates department. Classes can use foam rollers, reformers, circles, resistance bands and more to make sure you're getting the most effective session possible. Since May 1st, I have completed 10 classes and received a tank top, 25% off a FFC spa service and a complimentary group apparatus session. I love earning things just from working out! With a few more sessions, I will be eligible for a free 30 minute private Pilates session and a raffle ticket to win the mysterious grand prize.

Have you tried Pilates? What's your favorite piece of equipment? 

*This post uses affiliate links. What's that, you ask? Basically, I earn a commission if people buy an item through my site. Any earnings are recycled back into the blog to improve user experience, professional development and hopefully giveaways. 

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