Double the Run, Double the Fun

1:39 PM


Get pumped!  City Fit Girls is back with not one, but two runs this May! 

Join us this Saturday, May 14th AND May 21st for a 3 mile fun run in Lincoln Park! Meet Jessica, aka yours truly, at Diversey Parkway & N Lakeview Avenue near the Goethe Monument 9AM CST. 

RSVP: City Fit Girls Group Run - Chicago


Our all-levels group runs are designed for women of all paces. What does that mean for you? It means that no runner is “too slow” or “not fast enough” to join the group. Seriously. 

When we say supportive, we mean it. Our community of women inspires, uplifts, encourages and motivates each other to be better runners.  Whether this is your first run or 500th run, you can run with us. 


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