Flybarre 60 at Flywheel Sports - Old Town

8:30 AM

Location: 1653 N Wells St, Chicago, IL 60614
"My abs!" If you've ever attended a class at FlyBarre, you're probably quite familiar with this phrase. I don't recall them ever burning more throughout an ab set as they did during this 60 minute classIf you're short on time, Flybarre also offers a class called Power 45. It's the same class as the regular Flybarre 60 just in less time and with no breaks.
Throughout the session we used two bands with different resistances, weights, and a ball. In case you were wondering, yes, we did use the resistance bands for abs. Yes, it was horrible. Yes, we barely survived. I particularly enjoyed the arm section (lovingly titled "electric arms") as it was uniquely choreographed and moved with the music. The thigh section didn't stand out as it was pretty typical for a barre class.

This class had a faster pace than most barre classes I have attended, but it was still manageable. My instructor was April Torneby, and she was absolutely amazing! She was really attentive and involved to make sure we were all in good form. Overall, I really enjoyed the class. I can't wait to go back.


     1 Class: $25
     5 Classes: $115
     10 Classes: $220
     20 Classes: $420
     Unlimited: $195
     Classpass: Yes

The studio also offers Flybarre + Flywheel packages. Check with their front desk or website for more details.

Pro Tip: If you're signing up directly through Flywheel Sports, you'll be able to request a specific mat. If you are booking through ClassPass, make sure you set up an account with Flywheel Sports first so you can change your mat if it first provides you with an unideal location.

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