Welcome to the Challenge: Hiit on a Boat

11:14 PM

In an effort to encourage athletes to take their training outside this winter, Nike initiated a challenge many could not resist: #GetOutHere. After a month of embracing the scenery at locations such as Northerly Island, Lincoln Park and Lakeshore Park, Nike kicked it up a notch by creating a floating gym. 
Yep, they made a gym out of a barge and hosted their free fitness classes on it. I was one of the lucky few who was able to partake in this unique event on an unusually warm Friday in December.

NTC HIIT is a sport-inspired, full body workout designed for all fitness levels. Guided by an expert trainer, participants will squat, lunge, and move their way through this metabolic workout, alternating between periods of low and high intensity. In this particular case, the session was guided by two Nike trainers, Kenna Sullivan and Betina Gozo. They were incredible. Their banter was amazing and they were extremely engaging.

I'm fairly certain I was debating jumping off the barge at this point. At least I managed to smile for the camera?

In addition to the workout itself, Nike provided a free trial of their shoes. Oh yeah, there was a warm, holding area equipped with locker rooms, bathrooms and snacks. Even though it was in the 50s, these additions were a welcomed sight. The hot cocoa was the perfect way to celebrate a wonderful, outdoor workout in December.

Even if you weren't able to make it out to the barge, I highly recommend Nike's free classes. Registration for their classes opens Sundays at 2PM at Nike.com/Chicago. So lace up those shoes, put on that jacket and get out here!


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