2015: A Look Back

12:40 AM

Well, hasn't this been quite the year. As an early 20s lady, a few things this year really stuck out for me. Here's a look back at 2015.

The Ups
I made an awesome new friend who is a super badass. She's trying to teach me her ways of being a badass. My trainer is the shit, and I love her.

Thanks to Nars, I found a shade of red lipstick I actually like. 

I went from working two jobs to one. Though the extra income was nice, the hours were not. I am happy to report my average sleep length has increased a full hour when compared to my two-job sleep data.

I ran my first race. I now know what it feels like to be a Ditka for a day.

Guess who became a City Fit Girls run co-leader? It's true. I co-lead group runs in Chicago every Wednesday. 

The Downs
I lost all of my friends in January after my ex boyfriend broke up with me. Though we decided to be friendly so our friends wouldn't have to pick sides,  it ended in January. As they had all knew him longer, they remained his friends. 

As a result of the aforementioned "Down," I've spent a large majority of this year awful lonely. As much as I value me-time, I've had more than I would ever want in a single year.

The Ehs
I still can't cook. 

I started a blog with the intention to fill my time writing for it. It turns out I write most (okay, all) of the posts when half asleep. (This one is no exception.)

Here's to hoping 2016 treats me well! 

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