Studio Review - Stiletto Dance Studios

5:00 PM

Are you a girl and wanna have fun? Ever wish you could work out while wearing your favorite pair of heels? Stiletto Dance Studios is the perfect place to let loose and shake your tail feather all while having a good laugh. They offer a wide variety of classes, as well as private lessons, to help you reach your goals whether they be fitness, confidence, or seduction related. You don't have to be sexy to sign up for their classes - I definitely am not - but you do need a positive attitude and an open mind.

Stiletto is a judgement-free zone. I don't think I've ever seen a class as diverse as the ones I've attended at Stiletto. All ages, races, shapes and sizes were represented which only added to the inviting atmosphere.  I was terrified before making my foray into pole dancing, but Diana Michelle was incredibly welcoming as were her students. (I got so many high-fives after my first class.) 

Peep Toe Pole Dance
No inversions here! If interested in pole fitness, this should be your first class. You'll learn how to move around the pole and master the basics while discovering new terms such as "pole kisses" and "fairy dust." The instructor will guide you through a choreographed routine of spins, drops and floor work. However, you're on your own when it's time for "8 counts of sexy freestyle." (I just stand there awkwardly and shrug.) 

Bootie Boot Camp
Like many boot camps, this class combines cardio and strength training for a full-body workout. Unlike many boot camps, you'll occasionally use a pole for stability and form. Bootie Boot Camp is a great option if you want to check out the studio but aren't quite ready to try your hand at pole or sensual dancing. Though the workout itself isn't anything extraordinary, the instructors who teach it are.  Don't forget your athletic footwear for this class!

Pole Playtime
Taken a couple of pole classes and want extra time to practice your newly learned tricks? Pole Playtime allows you to just do that. Note: Do NOT attend this as your first class as there is no instructor to lead you in a work out. While an instructor is present, this is simply time the studio is open for individuals to practice. 

Other Classes: Face Down Floor Work, Lace Up Lap Dance, Barefoot Belly Dance, Twerk, Thigh High Pole Dance* (Intermediate)

     1 Class: $20
     1 Intermediate Pole Dance Class: $35
     5 Pack: $75
     10 Pack: $140
     Monthly Unlimited (Non-Autopay): $175
     Private and Party Sessions Also Available

Pro Tip: Though pole requires exposed skin to grip the pole, wearing pants that go below the knee and a short sleeved shirt will make your first few classes much more comfortable. 

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