November Goals

5:20 PM

1) Nix the Soda by 90%
After last month's attempt, I've learned it is rather difficult to completely remove soda from my diet.  My new goal is to allow myself the occasional Diet Coke, but not on a daily or even weekly basis.  I've already cut my soda consumption in half, but I still have a ways to go.

2) Wake Up Earlier
Thanks to the time change, this goal should be fairly easy.  I want to train myself to become more of a morning person.  I want to actually eat breakfast in the morning.  Additionally, I want to get in the habit of working out a few mornings each week so, if I do end up missing the workout, I have a second chance to get it done after work. 

None of these were completed.
3) Run 3 Times a Week
I have a confession to make, between getting sick and work, I haven't run once in the last two weeks. Normally, this wouldn't be too bad, but I have my first 10k* in two weeks. Whoops! This month, I want to work on my discipline which includes making more of an effort to run in the mornings as opposed to after work so I have less of an excuse to skip. 

4) Mindful Eating
Thanksgiving week feast anyone?  I'll be packing my bags and going home for a full week which means a week full of Red Lobster, Pizza Ranch and Culver's. That's not even including the actual Thanksgiving meal.  Though there's no doubt I'll be indulging in my favorites from back home, I can make the conscious decision to eat smaller portions of what I really want  to eat and accompany them with better, vegetable heavy choices. 

5) Limit Spending
I'm poor.  My interests are Grubhub and buying workout clothes.  Enough said.

A look back at October:

1) Run 4 Miles Without Stopping
This didn't happen.  To be honest, I didn't really try.  I'm signed up to run my first 10k on November 14th*, and I haven't really trained for it.  Between work and a killer cold, I lost my motivation to run.

2) Stop Drinking Soda
This also did not happen.  However, I cut my soda consumption in half.  I'll take that as a partial "win." 

3) Practice Yoga Once a Week
Nailed it!  Okay, so I mostly did this on my own at home, but it still counts, right? 

4) Try a New Studio
Have you been to the Yoga Loft yet?  No?  Go now.  I took the Yin/Restorative Yoga class, and it was amazing!

5) Make a Friend
I did it! I made not just one but multiple friends!  In addition to meeting my Instagram friend @erin_does_exercise, I made a couple of friends from the Skeeball league I joined.  Weeeee!

Update: The 10K I was supposed to run was canceled. (I got really lucky.) In its place, I will be participating in the Rudolph Ramble in Chicago on December 13th, 2015.

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