Studio Review: Harmony Mind Body Fitness

7:29 PM

Located at 1962 N. Bissell Chicago, IL 60614
I find it rare to walk into a studio and immediately feel like I've been going there for years. This, however, is the case with Harmony Mind Body Fitness. Harmony has a true community feel which is outshined only by the friendliness of the instructors and staff. Tara and her team make it their mission to provide you with a wonderful experience. I can't remember a single class where the instructor didn't ask if anyone had any pain or limitations which would call for modifications. The small group setting allows them to really tailor the class to your individual needs. 

Open-Level Cardio Tramp Reformer
If you're like me, jumping vertically is a bit too harsh for the little ladies no matter how many sports bras you wear. Luckily, a genius created a mini trampoline that attaches directly to the reformer allowing you to jump back and forth. This class combines all of the fun of a trampoline with all of the joy of laying down. If you take one class at Harmony, make it a cardio-tramp class!

Total Barre

Total Barre is a barre class brought to you by the same company that created Stott Pilates®. I find that this class guides you through more fluid movements than typical barre classes. With a cap of 7 participants, the instructors are able to ensure you stay in good form.

Barre-Hop Reformer
What happens when you combine the best parts of the two classes above? Barre Hop, of course! 

Other Classes: Cardiolates, Pilates Mat, Group Reformer

     1 Studio Class: $22
     5 Studio Class Pack: $105
     Monthly Unlimited - Studio Class: $175
     1 Reformer Class: $30
     5 Reformer Class Pack: $ 145
     Other Packages Available

Pro Tip: Winter blues bringing you down? Ask for an illuminated class! Harmony is outfitted with Verilux Light Therapy® which mimics natural lighting to help crush Seasonal Affective Disorder.

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