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6:00 AM

If you follow me on Instagram, chances are you already know of my love for The Barre Code. When I had ClassPass, I would use my max studio visits at The Barre Code each and every month. I have been to all but the River North location in Chicago, and each studio is nicely decorated and carries all of the post-class supplies, including dry shampoo, you could ever hope for. (My favorite is the Michigan Ave. location, but don't tell the others.)

What makes The Barre Code unique is that no two workouts are ever the same. They utilize weights, balls, straps, bands, kettle bells, and a handful of other props to really burn out those muscles. The Barre Code is constantly improving their method to ensure their clients get the best, most effective, full-body workout.  The instructors aren't only there to guide you through the exercises, they are there to motivate you to become your best self.

The Barre Code
Ahhh the signature class. This full-body, 50 minute workout will have every muscle of your body begging for mercy. Dynamic movements are combined with isometric holds to efficiently tone your muscles. I highly recommend Barre Code newbies start with this class to really see what this studio is all about.

HIIT (f/k/a Interval)
This is my favorite class, though I do prefer the old format. HIIT is composed of four rounds of cardio intervals with active, strength based recovery between rounds.  I strongly dislike cardio, but this class always leaves me wanting more... after I catch my breath, of course.  It's good to note that this class loves plyometric exercises which means it's not as low impact as some of the studio's other offerings. 

In many ways, this class is similar to the old format of Interval.  Barre-dio is composed of a simple sequence of dance-inspired moves with some strength training sprinkled throughout.  This is a fun way to mix up your fitness routine. 

Other Classes: TBC, Brawl, Burn, Baryasa®

     1 Class: $20
     5 Pack: $90
     10 Pack: $160
     Monthly Unlimited (Non-Autopay): $165

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  1. Hello! I just started a 2 week trial with ClassPass and just tried the general Barre Code class at the River North location today - it was awesome! I'd like to try Barre-dio, but was wondering - is there a lot of choreography involved? I took a kickboxing class at another gym once and felt like it was really hard to keep up with the choreographed moves and am hesitant to try something like that again! Any info you have on it is appreciated! :) Thank you! --Jess

    1. Hi Jess! Welcome to Classpass! I know how defeated I feel when I can't grasp difficult choreography, which is why I've taken two piloxing classes and have never gone back.

      Given the format has not changed since I last took that class, the choreography is super simple. At the beginning of class, your instructor will guide you through a set of moves that you'll repeat in between strength work. My class was with Jenna who was really good about cueing the moves ahead of time lessening the chances of doing the incorrect moves. Don't worry if it doesn't stick the first few times as you'll have plenty of time to learn to really crush that last round. You got this.

    2. That's great to hear! Thanks very much for the info - I will give it a shot!